Waliki Friends <br>Buddy Program

Waliki Friends
Buddy Program

The Waliki Friends Network is formed by students of at UCB who participated in the Student Mobility program abroad, who, under the values of solidarity and reciprocity, offer support to the students that come to Bolivia. 
The Waliki friends perform different activities throughout the semester to facilitate immersion and cultural exchange for the foreign student.

What do Waliki Friends do?

Induction and orientation during the first weeks. It consists of informative sessions at UCB and Bolivia as well as tours around the city, which allow knowing strategic points to facilitate the beginning of the exchange much better.
We create cultural interchange spaces where all the members can learn from other realities.
Cultural activities where there is the opportunity to have a greater approach to different aspects of Bolivian culture.
To provide support and advice to foreign and Bolivian students during their participation in the Student Mobility Program.

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